Bits & Pieces: 6/26/11

Bits & Pieces is a series in which I post bits and pieces of my writing — things that I’ve written and liked enough to share with the world, but aren’t yet part of a longer, publishable whole.

Today’s Bits & Pieces comes from a writing exercise that I did in my MFA workshop group. The assignment was to describe the room.

There’s a chair in the corner that looks as if it’s trying to escape.

It’s springing from the top of a stack of chairs near the window, its hind legs straddling the back of the chair below it, its arms reaching toward the fluorescent-lighted ceiling, its back aimed toward the window with Venetian blinds. It’s a suicidal high jump, as if it could reach the cemetery across the street with a perfectly executed Fosbury Flop.

The chair’s got the right idea: across the room, on the other side of the disjointed muddle of gray-topped tables that bump into each other with the lucidity of senile biddies at the senior center, are the remains of a lecture on George Eliot. If I’d been trapped in this room with a lecture on George Eliot, I would have sat in that chair — the one with a death wish — and enjoyed the view of the world from a 45-degree angle.

But I’m not attending an Eliot lecture and I’m not sitting in that chair, so all I have to focus on is the fact that the television hanging in the opposite corner might be staring at me.

About Rachael

Rachael Warecki is an alumna of Scripps College, Loyola Marymount University, and the Teach for America '08 corps. She holds an MFA in Fiction from Antioch University Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in The Masters Review, The Los Angeles Review, and Midwestern Gothic, among other publications. She lives in Los Angeles.